Property Management

LBRE Property Management Division offers both Landlord and Tenant services, utalizing Buildium as our software platform. Our goal is to develop releationships with both Landlord and Tenat to create a better Rental experience. 


LBRE Landlord Services:

  • Tenant Screening
  • Tenant Background Check
  • Eviction Records Check
  • Employment & Income Verification
  • Automatic Deposit Services or Physical Check Mailed
  • Landlord Portal to view income, repairs, statements, etc...
  • Copies of Paid invoices and reciepts
  • End of your report & 1099 statement for taxes

LBRE Tenant Services:

  • Online Application 
  • Online Payment Services
  • Online Portal access to report issues
  • 24 Hour Secure Drop Box w/ envelopes
  • Convient Hwy 160 Office Location

LBRE Lisa Bond Real Estate Property Management Fees:

  • 10% per month Property Management Fee on single properties and 8% on multiple properties
  • $650.00 Standard Commission to market property, place in the MLS listing service, List Hub Internet  Marketing System, Place a Lock Box, Place a sign, Show the property and advertise is various publications.
  • $200.00 Co-op to pay the Real Estate Agent that provided the accepted tenant.
  • $250.00 reserve is collected when the property is rented. This is for emergency repairs if we cannot reach you for approval and work must be done.
  • $50.00 set up fee to put you into our Property Management System called Buildium. 
  • $200.00 to renew a lease for a new term with the same tenant.